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Rosie female African Grey For Sale


​Name: Rosie

Sex: Female

Age: 2 Months Old

DNA Tested: Yes

Breed: Congo African Grey

Price: £600

  1. Playful and Curious: Baby African Greys are full of playful energy and boundless curiosity. With their fluffy feathers and wide-eyed wonder, they explore their surroundings with unbridled enthusiasm, making every day an adventure.
  2. Learning Little Chatterboxes: As they grow, baby African Greys eagerly pick up new sounds and words. These little chatterboxes are quick learners, imitating household sounds and mimicking their human companions with surprising accuracy.
  3. Snuggle Buddies: Baby African Greys have a naturally affectionate side. They enjoy cuddling up against their human caregivers, seeking warmth and comfort in their presence.
  4. Comical Personalities: From their adorable antics to mischievous behaviors, baby African Greys have a natural flair for comedy. Their amusing and endearing personalities light up any room they enter.
  5. Bonding with Family: Building strong bonds with their human families is a priority for baby African Greys. They thrive on love and attention, forming deep emotional connections that last a lifetime.
  6. Developing Curiosity: Baby African Greys are like little explorers, always eager to investigate new toys and enrichment activities. Stimulating their inquisitive nature is essential for their mental development.
  7. Feathered Artists: These intelligent parrots have an innate artistic flair. Providing them with toys that encourage creativity, such as puzzles and foraging toys, stimulates their minds and keeps them happily engaged.
  8. Growing Trust: Trust is a vital aspect of the relationship between baby African Greys and their caregivers. With patience, understanding, and consistent interaction, these young parrots will blossom into devoted companions, ready to share their lives and hearts with their human family.


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