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Lulu And Kuku and Tyler African Grey For Sale

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​Name: Lulu & Kuku

Sex: Bonded Male & Female

Age: 2 Months Old

DNA Tested: Yes

Breed: Congo African Grey

Price: £1000

  1. Tiny Avian Charmer: Meet our adorable baby African Grey, a pint-sized charmer with fluffy feathers and bright, curious eyes. This little parrot is bursting with personality and will steal your heart with its endearing antics.
  2. Feathery Fluffball: Behold the feathery fluffball that is our baby African Grey! Soft, cuddly, and full of innocence, this tiny parrot will captivate you with its gentle nature and delightful chirps.
  3. Growing Intellect: Watch as our baby African Grey explores the world around it with boundless curiosity. As its intelligence blossoms, it’s eager to learn and mimic sounds, making for an entertaining and educational companion.
  4. Chirpy Socialite: This sociable baby African Grey loves to interact and communicate. It will happily engage in games and conversation, creating a strong bond with you and becoming a cherished part of your family.
  5. Playful Aviator: Our baby African Grey is a little aviator-in-training, mastering its flying skills with enthusiasm and grace. It will entertain you with graceful flights and acrobatic maneuvers, proving to be a true aerial artist.
  6. Gentle and Affectionate: With its gentle nature and affectionate demeanor, our baby African Grey craves love and attention. It will gladly snuggle up and nestle against you, fostering a heartwarming companionship.
  7. Mimicry Marvel: Prepare to be amazed by the mimicry abilities of our baby African Grey! It will mimic your voice, household sounds, and even whistle tunes, showcasing its impressive vocal talents.
  8. Growing Bond: As you welcome our baby African Grey into your home, a special bond will form that lasts a lifetime. Prepare for countless cherished moments, as this intelligent and loving parrot becomes an integral part of your life.

3 reviews for Lulu And Kuku and Tyler African Grey For Sale

  1. Javed Safi

    Very good app.

  2. Laura M.

    The birds are amazing. Thanks for your sale support. My daughter loves your birds a lot.

  3. Henry Klopps

    Good service. But my delivery got a little bit late.

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